Introducing the world’s safest, most comfortable stepladder—the Little Giant Select Step.

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FREE Triple Position AirDeck™ ($49.99 value)
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Proudly Designed Engineered Assembled in the USA

With seven patents pending, the SELECT STEP is the most REVOLUTIONARY stepladder on the planet!

  • Stand all day in comfort thanks to the specially designed wide, flat rungs.
  • Change height with a simple click of the Rock Lock system.
  • Stay safe and stable atop your ladder thanks to the Comfort Step™ platform.
  • Keep your tools and supplies handy with the innovative top cap storage system.
  • Work on uneven surfaces with independently adjustable front and rear rails.
  • Folds quickly and easily with a simple pull of the no-pinch Comfort Step™.
  • Integrated Tip & Glide Wheels™ allow easy transport from job to job.
  • Enjoy increased stability and safety courtesy of the wide flared legs and skid-resistant feet.

Do even more with your Select Step thanks to the Triple Position AirDeck System.

  • Clicks easily into the top cap to keep tools and
    supplies within reach.
  • Keeps nuts and bolts organized with the integrated
    hardware holder.
  • Doubles as a sturdy handle while working on higher rungs.
  • Stores conveniently between ladder rails when not in use.